Mr. Hubert Shabangu

Secretary to the Legislature

The Office of the Secretary to Legislature is responsible for the provision of efficient administrative support to the Accounting Officer. This entails the coordination of governance structures that assist the Accounting Officer to comply with fiduciary and strategic functions of the Legislature.

  • Office of the Speaker
    Office of the Speaker: Ensures the integrity, independence and impartiality of the institutions. The speaker is the chairperson of the Rules Committee and other political management structures.
  • Office of the Secretary
    The Office of the Secretary is the highest administrative office in the Mpumalanga Provincial Legislature. The Secretary of the Mpumalanga Provincial Legislature provides strategic leadership and institutional direction to the Legislature and ensures that assets of the Legislature are appropriately safeguarded. The Secretary also determines the overall budget for the Legislature, ensure that spending is aligned to specific programmes and that effective service delivery takes place.
    The Office of the Secretary, working closely with the Office of the Speaker, provides a vital link between the political and administrative wings. The Secretary is responsible for the effective management and administration of the internal operations and all matters pertaining to the business of the Legislature, including but not limited.
  • Financial Governance
    The Finance Governance Division is responsible for the effective financial management of the Mpumalanga Provincial Legislature, including the exercise of sound budgeting and budgetary control practices, the operation of internal controls and the timely production of financial reports, by ensuring compliance with financial norms and standards determined for the Legislature and with generally recognised accounting practice.
  • Parliamentary Service
    The Parliamentary Service provides administrative and support services to members of Parliament, and administers members' funding entitlements.
  • Corporate Services
    The purpose and core mandate of the Corporate Services Division is to give support to all stakeholders internally within areas of Human Resources; Information & Technology; Communication; Safety & Security; Building Management; Administration; Transport & Logistics through provision of systems, policies and processes that enable and facilitate service provision in the most effective, efficient and professional manner.
    The programme also interacts and works with external stakeholders in varied ways that all seek to strengthen provision of such support to stakeholders with the ultimate aim of contributing to the fulfilment of the Mpumalanga Provincial Legislature’s Constitutional mandate of, Law-making, Oversight and Public Participation and Involvement.