Presiding Officers

Ms. Lindi Lettie Masina


Mr. Sam Masango

Deputy Speaker

Composition of the Legislature

In the Legislature there are fifty one (51) Members who are led by the Speaker who is the member of the majority party. These 51 are also constituted of the opposition party and the minority party.
The presiding officers are mainly composed of the members from the majority party. In the first sitting, the Judge requests the house to nominate the candidates for Speakership and Deputy Speakership. After nominations, those with higher votes will take the seats as the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker.
Once the new Speaker takes his/ her Chair in the House the Chair of Committees and the Deputy Chair of Committees get elected in the same process as the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker, with the Speaker presiding over the sitting.

Who are the Presiding Officers?
There are Presiding officers in the Mpumalanga Provincial Legislature who are given the responsibility to oversee and ensure that the proceedings of the House during the sitting are adhered to, and they are;

  • Speaker (Hon. Ms. Lindi Lettie Masina) Ensures the integrity, independence and impartiality of the institutions. The speaker is the chairperson of the Rules Committee and other political management structures.
  • Deputy Speaker (Hon. Mr. Sam Masango) Acting in the absence of the Speaker and perform all functions and responsibilities of the Speaker.