Supply Chain Management
The Mpumalanga Provincial Legislature implements Supply Chain Management. Supply Chain Management is the process followed to ensure that the procuring of goods and services is fair and transparent. This process follows 4 stages viz: Demand Management, Acquisition Management, Logistic Management and Disposal Management.

Legislature’s Bids And Tenders
Parliament procures certain goods and services through the bidding/tendering system. These are all service contracts as well as all goods required above R1 million.

Where To Find Bids In The Legislature
Bids are advertised through print media and website. Local and/ or national Newspapers are also used in certain instances.

Payment Of Bids
Some bid documents are charged and the price differs from document to document.

Is There Guarantee of Receiving Bids When Registered on Legislature’s Database?
All Mpumalanga Provincial Legislature bids are advertised Provincially and sometimes nationally to attract wide responses. Companies on the database are only approached when the 3 quote system is applied.

What BEE Policies Are In Place
Mpumalanga Provincial Legislature applies the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act (PPPFA): 90/10 and 80/20 preference point system

Daily Quote System
Companies are asked to quote for services or goods required below R1 million. Normally 3 quotes are obtained when procuring.

Payment Of Suppliers
Suppliers are paid upon receipt of invoice within 30 days period.
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