Mpumalanga Town Planning REPEAL BILL 2 OF 2016 - Final


Division of Revenue Bill B2-2016


Mpumalanga Appropriation Bill 2016


Division Revenue Amendment Bill (Bill 27 of 2015)




App Bill 2015


Mineraland Petroleum Resources DevelopmentAmendment Bill B15-2013


Mpumalanga Finance Bill B3 - 2013 - final for ATC


Infrastructure Development Bill [B49B – 2013]


National Credit Amendment Bill [B47B - 2013]


Restitution of Land Rights Amendment B [B35B - 2013]


National Environmental Management: Waste Amendment Bill [B32B - 2013]


National Environmental Management Laws: 3rd Amendment Bill  [B26B - 2013]


Women Empowerment and Gender Equality Bill [B 50B—2013]


Rental Housing Amendment Bill [B 56 - 2013]


State Attorney Amendment Bill [B 52B - 2013]


Division of Revenue Bill 2014


Financial Management of Parliament Amendment Bill [B1 - 2014]


National Environmental Management: Air Quality Management Amendment Bill  [B27B – 2013]


National Environmental Management: Integrated Coastal Management Amendment Bill [B8B – 2013]


Legal Metrology Bill [B34B - 2013]


Marine Living Resources Amendment Bill [B30B-2013]


Public Administration Management Bill [B 55-2013]


Judicial Matters Third Amendment Bill [B 53-2013]


Mpumalanga Finance Bill [B 3-2013]


Legal Practice Bill [B 20B-2012]


Special Economic Zones Bill - [B 3B-2013] [PDF]


Sectional Titles Amendment Bill - [B 11B-2013] [PDF]


National Environmental Management Laws Second Amendment Bill [B13-2013] [PDF]


Mental Health Care Amendment Bill, 2012 - [B39-2012] [PDF]


Mpumalnga Provincial Languages Bill, 2012 - [B5-2012] [PDF]


Intellectual Property Laws Amendment Bill [B8B-2010] [PDF]


Tourism Bill, [B 44B-2012] Sepedi version [PDF]


Tourism Bill, [B 44B-2012] [PDF]


Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Bill [B 14B-2012] [PDF]


National Environmental Management Laws First Amendment Bill, [B 13B-2012] [PDF]


Division of Revenue Bill, [B 2-2013] [PDF]


Mpumalanga Appropriation Bill, 2013 [B1-2013] [PDF]


Mpumalanga Gazankulu Laws Repeal Bill [B4-2012] [PDF]


Mpumalanga Finance Bill, 2012 [B2C-2012] [PDF]


Mpumalanga Finance Bill, 2012 [PDF]


Report of the Portfolio Committee on Legislature Oversight, Premier's Office and Finance on the Mpumalanga Finance Bill, 2012 [B2-2012] [PDF]


Mpumalanga Appropriation Bill, 2012 [PDF]


Division of Revenue Bill 2012 [B4-2012] [PDF]


Report of the Social Transformation Cluster in respect of taking legislature to the people in Dr JS Morka Municipality, 13-16 September 2011[PDF]


Report of the Economic Transformation Cluster on Oversight visits at Dr JS Morka Municipality, 13-15 September 2011 [PDF]


Budget Committee Amendments to Adjustment Appropriation Bill [B4A-2011] [PDF]


Report of the budget committee on amendment of the Mpumalanga Adjustment Appropriation Bill, 2011[PDF]


Mpumalanga Adjustments Appropriation Bill, 2011 [PDF]


Portfolio Committee Proposed Amendments to Adjustment Appropriation Bill [B4 - 2011]


Mpumalanga Adjustments Appropriation Bill, 2010 [PDF]


Financial Management of the Provincial Legislature Bill [PDF]


Mpumalanga Political Parties Support Fund Bill, 2008 [PDF]


Social Assistance Bill Negotiating Mandate


Final Mandate - Social Assistance Bill


Social Security Agency Bill Negotiating Mandate


Final Mandate Social Security Agency Bill










































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