ATC Reports

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1286~/atc/Atc 2-2023 Of Tablings[24].pdfATC 2-2023 OF TABLINGS15-Mar-2023ATC Reports111 KbView/Download
1287~/atc/Atc 17-2023 Scopa Report -Health.pdfATC 17-2023 SCOPA REPORT -HEALTH15-Mar-2023ATC Reports385 KbView/Download
1288~/atc/Atc 21-2023 Updated List Of Committees As Of 15 March 2023.pdfATC 21-2023 UPDATED LIST OF COMMITTEES AS OF 15 MARCH 202315-Mar-2023ATC Reports210 KbView/Download
1289~/atc/Atc 20-2023 Scopa Report -Dcssl.pdfATC 20-2023 SCOPA REPORT -DCSSL15-Mar-2023ATC Reports338 KbView/Download
1290~/atc/Atc 19-2023 Updated List Of Committees As Of 10 March 2023.pdfATC 19-2023 UPDATED LIST OF COMMITTEES AS OF 10 MARCH 202315-Mar-2023ATC Reports159 KbView/Download
1291~/atc/Atc 18-2023 Scopa Report -Dcsr.pdfATC 18-2023 SCOPA REPORT -DCSR15-Mar-2023ATC Reports255 KbView/Download
1292~/atc/Atc 16-2023 Scopa Report -Provincial Treasury.pdfATC 16-2023 SCOPA REPORT -PROVINCIAL TREASURY15-Mar-2023ATC Reports257 KbView/Download
1293~/atc/Atc 12-2023 Scopa Report - Human Settlements.pdfATC 12-2023 SCOPA REPORT - HUMAN SETTLEMENTS15-Mar-2023ATC Reports271 KbView/Download
1294~/atc/Atc 15-2023 Scopa Report - Mtpa.pdfATC 15-2023 SCOPA REPORT - MTPA15-Mar-2023ATC Reports214 KbView/Download
1295~/atc/Atc 14-2023 Appointment Of New Members To Committees.pdfATC 14-2023 APPOINTMENT OF NEW MEMBERS TO COMMITTEES15-Mar-2023ATC Reports88 KbView/Download

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