Acts and Bills

FileIDFilePathDocument TitleDate UploadedDocument TypeFileSize 
1447~/Bills/Final Mpu Appropriation Bill 2023.pdfFinal MPU Appropriation Bill 202302-Jun-2023Bills1014 KbView/Download
1351~/Bills/Housing Consumer Protection Bill B 10B-2021.pdfHOUSING CONSUMER PROTECTION BILL B 10B-202102-May-2023Bills491 KbView/Download
1352~/Bills/Housing Consumer Protection Bill- B10b-2021.pdfHousing Consumer Protection Bill- B10B-202102-May-2023Bills150 KbView/Download
1353~/Bills/National Veld And Forest Fire Amendment Bill [24B-2021].PDFNational Veld and Forest Fire Amendment Bill [24B-2021]02-May-2023Bills56 KbView/Download
1220~/Bills/Bill - Copyright Amendment Bill [B13d - 2017].pdfBill - Copyright Amendment Bill [B13d - 2017]28-Nov-2022Bills169 KbView/Download
1221~/Bills/Bill - Performers Protection Amendment Bill [B24d - 2016].pdfBill - Performers Protection Amendment Bill [B24d - 2016]28-Nov-2022Bills72 KbView/Download
1199~/Bills/Sectional Of Revenue Bill, 2022.pdfINVITATION TO PUBLIC HEARINGS AND CALL FOR PUBLIC COMMENTS ON THE Sectional Titles Amendment Bill [B31B - 2020]13-Jul-2022Bills179 KbView/Download
37~/Bills/b12_2019_(recognition_of_customary_marriages).pdfB12 2019 (Recognition of customary Marriages)01-Mar-2019Bills1 MbView/Download
38~/Bills/b19b_2018_(local_government_municipal_structures-_mendment_bill.pdfB19b 2018 (local_governmentMunicipal Structures-_mendment_bill01-Mar-2018Bills1 MbView/Download
35~/Bills/b7b_2018_(customary_initiation).pdfBills - b7b 2018 (customary initiation)01-Mar-2018Bills1 MbView/Download
FileIDFilePathDocument TitleDate UploadedDocument TypeFileSize 
1417~/Acts/School Education Act Mpumalanga 8 Of 1995.pdfSchool education act mpumalanga 8 of 199502-Jun-2023Acts185 KbView/Download
1418~/Acts/School Education (Mpumalanga) Act 8 Of 1995.pdfSCHOOL EDUCATION (MPUMALANGA) ACT 8 OF 199502-Jun-2023Acts205 KbView/Download
1419~/Acts/Mpumalanga Trading Hours Act 5 Of 1999.pdfMpumalanga Trading Hours Act 5 of 199902-Jun-2023Acts57 KbView/Download
1420~/Acts/Mpumalanga Tourism And Parks Agency Act-5 Of 2005.pdfMpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency Act-5 of 200502-Jun-2023Acts132 KbView/Download
1421~/Acts/Mpumalanga Tourism And Parks Agency Act-5 Of 2005.pdfMpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency Act-5 of 200502-Jun-2023Acts132 KbView/Download
1422~/Acts/Mpumalanga Third Adjustments Appropriation Act 1 Of 2021.pdfMpumalanga Third Adjustments Appropriation Act 1 of 202102-Jun-2023Acts38 KbView/Download
1423~/Acts/Mpumalanga Second Adjustments Appropriation Act 1 Of 2022.pdfMpumalanga Second Adjustments Appropriation act 1 of 202202-Jun-2023Acts39 KbView/Download
1424~/Acts/Mpumalanga Second Adjustments Appropriation Act 1 Of 2020.pdfMpumalanga Second Adjustments Appropriation Act 1 of 202002-Jun-2023Acts38 KbView/Download
1425~/Acts/Mpumalanga Road Traffic Act 4 Of 1998.pdfMPUMALANGA ROAD TRAFFIC ACT 4 OF 199802-Jun-2023Acts118 KbView/Download
1426~/Acts/Mpumalanga Provincial House And Local Houses Of Traditional Leaders Act 6 Of 2005.pdfMpumalanga Provincial House and Local houses of traditional leaders act 6 of 200502-Jun-2023Acts109 KbView/Download
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